Why Wealth Elite is the Best Mutual Fund Software for MFDs

The 21st century is the century of technology and digitalization. Technology has not only enhanced the performance of all business operations but completely transform how businesses work across industries. Likewise, there is a prominent role of technology in transforming the work culture of Mutual Fund Distributors in India. With the intermediation of Fintechs offering Mutual Fund Software and other digital tools, MFDs are now able to focus on business development rather than daily firefighting activities.

Various companies are offering Mutual Fund Software, some of them are cheap and immaterial, and others are offered by large brokers to just create sub-brokers, with the main aim to make sub-brokers. Therefore, it is very important for MFDs to check the primary features while purchasing software that is going to run their business.

Mutual Fund Software must offer a complete package to MFDs for their business, and the required tools to get a complete picture of the financial situations and financial health of their clients so that it can be aligned with their future objectives.

Mutual Fund Software must offer:

  1. Quick onboarding tools with video KYC that facilitates easy Video based KYC and faster registrations.

2. Methods to get full information about customers’ personal, financial, and wealth situations. And, tools that prioritize their commercial and investing activities as per the collected information.

3. Supports multiple assets and offers a single window to manage all the major asset classes. So that MFDs remain well-informed about their clients’ entire portfolios and can take better decisions to make efficient financial plans.

4. A goal tracker that can simulate the future goals of clients and slow down the redemptions rate from existing clients.

5. Tools to acquire new and untouchable investors that keep their money idle in bank depositors. It is possible when investors can start investing in highly liquid funds and have the option to redeem their money instantly.

6. 100% White Labeled Solution to generate trust and confidence amongst customers.

7. An efficient system to make customer services better. It should improve MFDs’ relationship with their customers by providing them with a better experience.

Now the single mutual fund software available in India that offers all the above-mentioned features, and tools is “Wealth Elite”. That is why it is also listed as the best Mutual Fund Software for MFDs & IFA in India.

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