Cellulite Treatment with a Difference at Park Avenue Cellulaze

Cellulite at last seems to have yielded to the breakthrough treatment available now, Cellulaze cellulite reduction. This treatment has a 92.5% approval rating in clinical trials and patients who have undergone the treatment are willing to recommend the procedure to a friend. Women can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of this cellulite removal treatment at Park Avenue Cellulaze TM, a leading plastic surgery center in Manhattan, New York City. Cellulaze is the world’s first minimally invasive cellulite treatment device that reduces cellulite by restoring normal skin structure and underlying connective tissue.

Cellulite reduction using Cellulate is designed to address the dynamics of your skin, underlying muscle, fat and connective tissue that are responsible for creating cellulite. This treatment is more successful than those available earlier because it works in a totally unique way.

• The laser energy breaks down the accumulated fat pockets, and the fat is drained away
• It also thermally subcases the fibrous septage that pull down the skin
• The treatment simultaneously stimulates collagen production, brings about thickening of the skin and increase in its elasticity.

Treatment with Lasting Results

It has been proven that the results obtained from Cellulaze laser cellulite treatment last for more than a year, unlike that offered by other cellulite removal procedures. Moreover, it is a very convenient treatment requiring only a single session of 1 – 1 hours. Cellulaze treatment is credited with its capability of providing almost immediate results in terms of reduced cellulite and enhanced skin elasticity and tone. Significant improvements are evident within a few weeks and optimum results within a few months.

You need take only a day off from work to benefit from lasting cellulite removal. The treatment is provided under local anesthesia. It is an outpatient procedure with minimal bruising, swelling, bleeding or pain. You may be asked to stay away from strenuous physical activity for a week, but other than that there are no restrictions.

At Park Avenue Cellulaze, the plastic surgeons providing cellulite treatment are specially trained in the procedure and are qualified Oldlotterysambad to offer it to their patients. The surgeons are assisted by friendly support staff to take care of the patients’ requirements.

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