Awesome World in Christmas Decorating Styles

The Christmas decorations should be integrated with the style of your house and you get a result stylish whatever the type of decoration you choose for this Christmas.

So, the first point to keep in mind is to find the balance between the decorative style of your home and Christmas aesthetics that you like. Although it is a relatively simple task, as currently exist in the market every style decorations, we want to give you some guidelines that may be of help to decorate your home for the holidays.

Choose your style without losing sight of your home decor

Modern, classic, rustic … the style of your home will determine at first the type of Christmas decoration. You can choose to fill the house with decorations or a more discreet and simple decoration, but in any case, the result should be a careful and harmonious whole.

Some of the styles that you’ll find this holiday season are:

  • Saint Moritz
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Cortina D’Ampezzo
  • Aspen
  • My Little Tree

Choose the tone why you want to bet

You must not lose sight of the color on which you focus your Christmas decorations, which must also be consistent with the colors of the room you are going to decorate. It is recommended that you’ll probably go for the same colors and palettes, and among them, one highlight.

Thus, the red, green and gold are the traditional colors for Christmas decorations, although in recent times gaining ground other color schemes such as blue and purple.

Although your holiday decor revolves around one tone, you can combine elements and textures. Velvet, glass, paper, wood, felt, porcelain …, choose the decorations that you like and your style but are always based on the selected color.

Some ideas

If your home is classic style, a safe bet is to combine the traditional green fir with red and white mostly, certainly more traditional Christmas. If your home is dominated by a modern aesthetic, you can opt for a white fir and use the range of blue to decorate, get a fresh and youthful. If your home decor is rustic, you can focus on earth tones like orange and brown, and replace the traditional ball and stuffed pineapples cloth like deer or reindeer.

And do not forget that you can also decorate doors and windows, tables and even the terrace, integrating the pots in the Christmas decorations in your home.

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