Why Select IB Curriculum at a Dubai School for Your Primary School Child?

The International Baccalaureate Primary Year Program or IB PYP is a curriculum made for children in primary classes. It is an international curriculum, so many people prefer sending their children to IB curriculum schools in Dubai to give their children international exposure from the beginning of their academic and vocational journey.

The IB PYP curriculum uses a student-centered approach and uses modern teaching techniques to help students develop conceptual understanding. It prioritizes relationships and individuality to promote an effective learning environment.

As a parent, you should consider IB PYP to be your first choice when it comes to Dubai Schools; here is why.

Why Choose IB PYP curriculum in Dubai Schools?

1. Individual attention to the child

Most IB curriculum schools in Dubai have a student-to-teacher ratio of 25 or less. So, each child can get individual attention from the teacher, allowing them to learn each lesson at their own pace. The teachers will always support your child in their own unique needs, so no one in the class is left behind.

This curriculum also encourages teachers to use different teaching methods so that every child can learn the same lesson according to their own learning style. The teachers and students develop a close bond, which helps the students feel more comfortable while learning.

2. IB curriculum schools in Dubai teach how to learn

Other types of primary schools teach children the lessons but don’t teach them how to learn the lessons. When children are educated about how to learn, they develop a skill that helps them throughout their life.

Children in IB Dubai schools are taught critical thinking skills, cooperation and organizational skills. These skills help create a strong foundation for their academic future. When they are taught how to learn, they become much more efficient in their studies later on.

3. IB PYP Dubai schools are great for all children

Children from different backgrounds and personalities will have different learning styles. While some of them may find hands-on learning the best way to understand a lesson, other students may find reading their preferred learning method. The IB PYP program includes lessons and assignments based on different learning styles so that each child can benefit from the curriculum.

The curriculum also encourages students to inquire, explore and investigate their queries, which other curricula may not offer.

4. It helps develop confidence and curiosity

IB curriculum schools in Dubai encourage students to question and investigate the subjects in-depth to get a better understanding of the subject, even beyond the syllabus. But most importantly, they are supported and encouraged each step of the way, so they never feel isolated or incapable.

As they are taught in an intimate and supportive environment, they become more confident in their own abilities and become better equipped to handle difficult situations in the future.

To conclude

When your child receives a comprehensive primary education, they are already set up for success in the future. The IB PYP curriculum uses a student-centric approach, so your child is always the priority, and they are never forced to follow the teachers to learn. Teachers always encourage students to be active and present in the class, which helps them learn better.

Many Dubai schools offer the IB PYP, such as GIIS Dubai, so you can easily send your child to an IB PYP school for their primary schooling for a complete and thorough education.

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