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Why Liferay Is The Next Best Thing In Website Development

Liferay is an online platform that will allow your website development company to engineer flexible, robust and intuitive websites for your business needs. Liferay is extremely flexible as a platform and finds ample use by business enterprises of all sizes. For small businesses, Liferay provides an intuitive Android app development platform that allows you to focus on your objective instead of your technology.

Liferay consulting is also inherently scalable and thus very useful for large organizations as well. The website content can be easily updated by the marketers and the developers have a robust platform to build your applications on. Your administrators also possess all the necessary tools to manage the website and merge it seamlessly into your work environment.

Here are some of the reasons that will prove to you why Liferay is the next best thing in the field of website development.

Liferay Development Has The Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

A Liferay portal is open-source software. The community edition of Liferay is available for free download anywhere in the world. It is used for website development and Android app development by many businesses all over the world. The Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription also has a business-friendly commercial license of Liferay that has been tailored specifically for business use.

It provides you with additional tools and features that assist your Liferay development company.
The process of downloading and running the software takes a very small amount of time and the operational costs are minimal. That is why Liferay has the lowest TCO among all its Competitors.

Hook And Extension Plug-In

You can now customize your website according to the needs of your clients without rewriting your code from scratch. By making use of the hook plug-in, you can perform customizable actions such as user login and portal start-up. You can also use the extension plug-ins to modify the portal as you see fit. This is why Liferay migration is indispensable for a web design company.

Modularity And Ease Of Use

Website development experts also have the ability to detach each functional module from the core application if required. Thus, your developers and designers can now customize and upgrade smaller modules without hampering the functionality of the entire website. With modularity, maintenance also becomes easier and the website or the mobile application also becomes faster. Modularity is a very big advantage when it comes to mobile app development. Thus, your Liferay portal website is very easy to use, maintain and customize.

Security Features

Liferay provides adequate protection against attacks and vulnerabilities. Using government-standard encryption algorithms, this portal also provides you with data security. As a result, Liferay is preferred by global organizations and government sectors as well. It provides you with a safe and efficient portal for your website Development or mobile application.

These reasons enumerate how Liferay is the next best thing in the world of website design and Android app development. With Liferay, you can enrich your customers’ online experience and grow your business exponentially as well.

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