He Blew me Away – Shaman Changed my Life

Lindon Rankin is passing on the insight he has gained as a Shamanic Healer of mastering the “secrets of changing the self”, this can be successful achieved on every level through a series of powerful workshops starting this April facilitated by Be warned; these are not for the faint hearted but are aimed at the thousands of courageous forward thinkers, those who feel compelled to do what ever it takes to change and manifest their future now.

From South London, Lindon founder of 7th Breath, realized his true calling nearly 20 years ago. During an unpredictable week he diced with death on three separate occasions, almost being electrocuted, drowned and crushed by a falling tree right in the heart of Chelsea, South West London.

A few days later whilst Lindon was having a drink with friends in Sloane Square out of nowhere a 50 year old man dropped at his feet, crying hysterically, he repeatedly relayed a stormy trying to empress on him the importance of a mission Lindon had to complete.

The story about ancient Africa and the conflict between the biblical brothers Cane and Able was quite fantastic. After he had spoken the stranger just got up and calmly walked away as if nothing had happened, all this in front of a large group of a people standing outside the pub on an early summer evening in August 1990.

The next few years Lindon spent enduring initiations and rituals conducted by little old men; indigenous Shamans from China, Nepal, Japan, India, Europe and Africa; the prophecy was then fulfilled. He came to terms with the fact God had blessed him with a gift, the gift of healing.

“I’ve had many healings but none as powerful as yours, it’s started to shift things, both physically,
emotionally and mentally.”

Whilst there are many forms of healing used by different cultures and belief systems the way Lindon works has a very distinct structure to it with the focus of energy, movement and the rhythm of ritual.

Fear, guilt, stress and anxiety constantly haunt us, creating within a debilitating imbalance. We search for the answers but keep getting lost; the main thing we desire is to lead healthy, vibrant and rewarding lives.

Lindon provides you with the tools you need to achieve a permanent shift in your consciousness and personal development. The moment he lays his hands on you you feel this wonderful healing energy that seems to flow right to the place where it is needed. After a treatment you feel a positive change, a real difference, it leaves you with a lighter mood, more relaxed and clear.

“Looking back I have obtained an awareness which I can now use to deal with the challenges which I previously called obstacles. I feel more content and at peace with my life and the world I live in.”

Lindon started 7th Breath to help people reaching their highest potential. He applies his gifts in one to one healing sessions, workshops and weekly classes.

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