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Create Your Professional Blog Or Web With WordPress

In recent years, WordPress has come and greatly facilitated the ability to have their own space on the web to millions of users without high computer knowledge. I say space in general, because the possibilities are many, from a personal blog, a corporate website to more complex applications such as online shopping or social networks.

All with a common denominator: the ease of use. From his famous installation in two minutes (I’d say even less) to an absolutely-friendly control panel from which you can create, modify and delete content in a couple of clicks. And with the possibility, if we want to go slowly learning and controlling more advanced features.

All this sounds great; however, there are a number of minimum requirements for our blog, website or WordPress project work properly. Requirements, most of them common to other content management systems such as Joomla or Drupal, and that without them; it would be possible to have our web space. We will review them

1- Web Hosting

Surely you know what I mean. If not, displays a computer, which will be 24 hours on every day of the year, showing your website to all visitors who access it. This computer is where you will save all of your web content (photos, text, images …). And since the Internet is global, this computer can be located anywhere in the world.

You may also have heard what others refer to as web hosting or web hosting server. Quiet and peaceful, are synonyms of the same. What matters is that you’ll have a virtual space in which to host your files so they are accessible across the network.

There are many types of hosting or web hosting: shared, dedicated, VPS, cloud each with its benefits and drawbacks, and adaptable to the needs of your project. As for prices, the spread is even wider, as it influences the type of hosting, server location, space, service, etc.

To get an idea, the basics to start a project with WordPress can be a shared hosting, that allows to have MySQL database (requires WordPress), and we have enough space to install WordPress (do not worry much about this, WordPress Home occupies less than 10mb)

Some good examples of hosting where host your WordPress are: HostGator (some of our website are housed there and definitely the best options to start) or Bluehost (which allows you to install WordPress with one click, without having to worry about installing manually or create databases)

Pricewise, you can start from plans for less than 5 € per month (just represent an effort if you think that this you’ll have your site online whole year every day).

2- Domain

As for the domains, you should know that is paid annually, and the price depends on type of domain (.com .com, org, info). As a general rule, always records the com (that’s what the general public tends to associate and remember a website), and if you do not believe, do an exercise: What would you say is the domain of creative?

So select and register a good domain name, your brand or personal name and not fall into register a business associated with your domain within your company or brand is really that. A Google does not like much you try to position by keywords.

There are many websites of records. Our advice is that if you do not want to complicate, most hosting companies you see on our resources page usually included in your hosting package can register a domain, and so you have it all with the same company. If instead you want to have independence, usually utilizer Our Fan godaddy.com and name.com

3- A good design for your WordPress

WordPress works with system templates or themes, which are independent of the content. Are packaged that apply to your WordPress, and make your site different and friendly for your users according to thematic designs. By default, WordPress brings some templates preinstalled (twenty thirteen, twenty twelve, twenty eleven…) but if you want your blog or website is not a drop more water in the ocean, it is necessary to give a new look.

Therefore open three options:

  • On one hand you can order a custom design a WordPress web designer Adelaide that perfectly suits your features and needs, and make you’re unique WordPress. It is the most expensive option financially, but certainly that will give more value to your website in terms of customization and uniqueness.
  • Second, we can choose to install a premium WordPress template, with just a click, we configure our website with good design and extra functionality. The price of these templates ranges from € 30 to € 100, which typically include upgrades and support. It is a good choice to start working from the start with a good design and low cost tested. Here is a list of templates designed by us. You can also find more templates at sites like Mojo-Themes and ThemeForest .
  • Third, you can decide by a free template, it is also an option. Keep in mind always that you will surely not be supported by the designers who created it, and make sure it is not implemented in many places, otherwise your blog or website will be another project without the possibility to differentiate yourself from the rest

4 Content: it’s up to you!

All this is basic to launch your own space online presence. Do not confuse this with social networks. This is yours, you own, are not exposed to any Facebook or twitter you delete the account someday. This is your area of operations, where to get your visitors, guests and customers…

But all this is only possible if you have a good content strategy, you show your work and that is relevant to your industry and useful for your visitors. Only this is how you get to know you, your content appears first in Google, which are shared in social networks or you comment.

If we spoke of small investments in economic quantities, here we talk a great investment in terms of time. Focuses well your goals, make a plan of work and start blogging today. If yours is not cool, do not spend your time and effort to try to design your website. Lean on others as good as or better than you, either through custom design or using a good WordPress template and direct your efforts on the subject that you know, and start writing about it.

His coupled with a good strategy to use images on your website (the visual is very important in a time when information overload is the order of the day), make it possible for you to get the strategies and goals you’ve set. For the use of images recommend you read this article on how to make effective use of them and the other on banks of images you can use freely.

WordPress is a fantastic tool for both (and in itself is free), which requires minimal investment to become a professional project. Costs between a project of this type, and one without accommodation or self-control are almost negligible, but the end result is very different from each other.

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