7 Places to Visit and Kick-Start Your Travelling Plans

The complete 2023 was devastating for people and towards the end of the year, some places were open. Well, New Year’s Eve is something when all come together and see off the last year. Celebrating the New Year altogether is not possible, as the crowding of the people is not yet allowed. As everything slowly is back to normal, you can take up your New Year’s trip any time round the world, but be responsible and be safe while traveling.

Well, there are travel enthusiastic who were just waiting to book their airplane tickets at a discounted price and escape the home. Well, this is possible, you just need to take it a bit slow. Rather than rushing to make a plan, check with TripCorner, whether the routes are open to travel or not, and then book your Tour packages.

Well, some people just want to take trips round the year and some places that can be added to the list include:

Dubai, United States of Emirates

How does the list get completely unless Dubai or UAE is not on your list? Well, this is an amazing place to visit and enjoy your luxurious trip to this beautiful place. You just can enjoy some adventures, visit Burj Kahlifa and shop till you get tired. Well, if you’re someone who loves adventure, this place has so much to offer. Also, if you visit during New Year’s Eve, you’re likely to see superstars perform in Dubai, but thanks to COVID-19, this year nothing seemed similar. Don’t worry, you still can book your trip to UAE at TripCorner and enjoy your trip.


Water babies, welcome to Hawaii. Well, people who love the water can simply choose to visit this beautiful place and if you get a chance to visit on the Eve of New Year’s, you can witness the fireworks. Also, if you’re a party animal, you might end up finding all the people on beaches rocking the party.

Hong Kong

Enjoying the beautiful moments in chaotic Hong Kong is something that shouldn’t be missed. The firework over here is extravagant and impressive as the year passes. You can simply choose to head to the Victoria Harbour and enjoy the activities. Tsum Tsa Shui’s Avenue of Stars is a point of attraction and can be cherished. Well, if you couldn’t plan for a New Year’s, you can choose to plan a trip and enjoy it.

New York

When we hear New York, the first place that comes to mind is Times Square. This International destination is known due to tons of confetti dropped on the people, Pyrotechnic light shows, celebrity music, and many other activities that make this spot happening and lively. Nothing is better than New Year to experience the positive vibes while seeing off the last year and welcoming new.


This lovely place is not only a place for lovers, but is amongst the destination wherein one can enjoy New Year’s Eve. The magical fireworks, the rioting spillage of drinks, the streets and lanes come to life, street dance, and many other activities due to this specific time make you feel a different vibe. If you don’t want to be on New Year’s Eve and enjoy somewhere else then this place is something that you can include in your list. If the route is doubtful, simply choose to visit TripCorner and know more about the route or make a call at 800-200-8747.


This classy destination too has beautiful fireworks that can be witnessed during New Year’s Eve. Also, you can make a trip to this destination and make your New Year’s Eve unforgettable, and have a crazy time enjoying. If you’re visiting this golden place, then do not forget to witness the procession of Queen’s Horse and the marching parade.

Well, there are so many places that you can beautiful to visit, above mentioned are known for the New Year’s Eve and celebrating it well. Click here to know more about Travel.

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